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(115g Glossypaper), ca. 228 photos and grahics, 36 schedules;

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he present book is divided in six important, main areas in the light-microscopic investigation procedures and evaluation methods for materials:

p Sample fabrication
p Instrumentation engineering
p Microscopic investigation methods
p Measuring of optical data
p Digital image documentation
p Image processing and analysis

The areas of work mentioned above are illustrated in accordance with the state of the art and science and are complemented in detail with extraordinary image material.

Owing to numerous prepared and very detailed working instructions, also non-versed light-microscopy users manage to familiarise themselves quickly and without sustained errors in the problematic of material microscopy. For this purpose, many tables on the preparation procedures, light-microscopic techniques and methods of measuring microscopy are at disposal. For practical users, the overview of possible error sources in microscopy and hints of their remedy is important. Industrial users such as those in quality assurance or damage analysis get - in this book - guidelines for their daily practice.

Owing to the versatility of materials and methods, this works is certainly also very good for training purposes for students in the fields such as Material Sciences, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemistry, Petrography, Medical engineering, Biotechnology, etc.

At the same time, this works is a reliable help also to the well-versed experts working on difficult problems. The application-oriented depiction is supported with scientific fundamentals of the light-microscopic technique. It can find application also in natural and raw materials, besides in engineering materials and material composites